Dave Collier from the 90’s in the third issue of Saskatoon Jam, edited by Robin Bougie!


Will someone please help me relaunch this magazine!

Here is a super rare strip by an even rarer Canadian Cartoonist. Dave Geary was one of Canada’s first underground cartoonists, and is work is very hard to come by. This story appeared in issue 3 of Saskatoon Jam, edited by Robin Bougie. 

Walter Ball’s Rural Route.



So I was reading Neil the Horse and thinking “dang, Poupée almost gives Luba a run for her money” and lo.

Gilbert Hernandez pin-up in Neil the Horse #12.


Here is page 35 of George Metzger’s Beyond Time and Again. I scanned in all the pages with his son last week and am going through the thankless task of stitching them together. I am looking at reprinting the complete work in the coming months, once i get all the pages put together and look good. 

Great page from Marc Bell’s There Is Nothing.

I love anything Marc Bell. here is the cover of a collection strips that he put together back in 2000.


For all you Destroyer fans, here is an interview with Dan Bejar from an old issue of Drippy Gazette. (issue 6 which when you click the link you can see it larger as well as the rest of the interview and it  has an article I did on the signs and murals of Vancouver, an interview with Neil Wedman, My Mom’s TV Movie reviews, lotsa comics!)….

This interview still cracks me up. On a related note,  the Points Gray album that Dan, Julian, and myself made around this time is almoooost at the plant and all three of us are rather excited, yay!

Helpful hints.